New adventures in Beijing

WAKE UP!!!” Mr.Shin hollered at Chris and I.
With such a bright start to the day, we raced to meet the group at the lobby at 7:30 am. From there we took the tourist bus to the Great Wall of China. Upon arrival, we had the opportunity to take a cart lift up to the actual wall. After the scary unstable ride, we were all glad to reach safety on the sturdy rocks of the Great Wall. After many pictures and great experiences we took the toboggan down. After only losing a piece of Devon’s leg, we sprinted to Subway for a quick bite before the roasted duck place. Having left the Great Wall of China with only 1 hour before our reservation at the restaurant, we knew we were in deep trouble.
Our great tour guide, Jenny was able to arrange for the restaurant to serve us food before they closed. Arriving an hour after the food was served due to traffic, we were able to enjoy the best cold Beijing roasted Duck we have ever eaten. After the great dinner, we came to the hotel for a great relaxing time. After a few hours of relaxation, we treated our bodies with more food. The hot pot place was great! Although many struggled keeping track of the meat they were cooking. Overall, our April fools day was great.

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