Easter in Italy

This morning breakfast wasn’t until 9:30, and service (for those that wanted to go to church) wasn’t until 11:30 so everyone was able to have a relaxing Easter morning.

The morning was amazing. I don’t think most of the team expected anything special but we woke up to treats outside our doors before me even made it downstairs. At breakfast, there was a new kind of juice, pears and kiwis, chocolate kinder eggs wrapped up at everyone’s table, and even special little cakes. The cakes were citrus infused with sugar on top and reminded me of American coffee cake, but sweeter and with much more flavor. There were also new guests that joined us for breakfast, and although they didn’t speak English I think watching a group of teenagers put together little toy cars from chocolate eggs and laughing with each other entertained them language barrier or not.

It was by far the most fun breakfast our group has had. Everyone was laughing with each other until the cat fight.

The convent has a cat named Jerry who is very sweet, but there is also a stray cat who looks similar to Jerry who is very mean and tries to get in the convent. That morning the two cats were getting into a fight outside and all of us eating breakfast burst outside to protect and cheer on Jerry. He got scooped up pretty fast and neither of the cats were seriously hurt but it was fun to watch all of us rally behind Jerry.

After this, some members of our group made a connection between the stray cat tricking them into believing he was Jerry and then turning out to be mean with some of the pictures painted in the chapel of Orvieto. They know call the stray cat, the Antichrist (he isn’t really that mean don’t worry).

After breakfast the group split in half. Some went to service at the chapel in Spoleto and others got in another nap or started on packing early.

Service was beautiful. The bishop came out, and there were beautiful singers, and nice smelling incense. There were also many people who brought their dogs into service, and lots of little kids. After church the whole group got together again to go to lunch one last time.

Some of our group thought it was the best lunch they had had there yet. Then we all went back to the convent and changed to do some last minute shopping if we still needed to, or to just explore the town. Some of us said goodbye to our favorite shop keepers with heavy hearts, and got the last gelato or pizza of the trip.

Then we all took some time to pack up our stuff and the only person who was seriously behind when they came around to check was me. Mr. Wight bought a scale that checks bag weight so that was being passed around a lot to make sure we all stayed under 50.

Then we went to our last dinner. Everyone was excited about pasta with a white cheese sauce because we were told that fetichini Alfredo isn’t actually Italian, just American. And although this is still true, this pasta was pretty close and we were all really excited.

Then we went back to the hotel for one last team Italy meeting in the convent. Most of our moods were crushed to learn we would be meeting downstairs at 4:30 AM to make it to our flight. Most of us tried to go to bed but it was a rough night of sleep for everyone.

Happy Easter,

Team Italy

Quote of the day: “No wonder these are illegal” -Mr. Strati after watching Gabe go at his kinder egg with a knife at the table to get the toy car out as fast as possible.

One thought on “Easter in Italy

  1. Catherine Rahe

    Thank you for the detailed blog of your days in Italy. It felt like you brought us along on your journey to enjoy the sights and maybe even the sounds (go Jerry!).

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