South Africa: Seals, Penguins, and Cape Point

Today was an excellent second day in Cape Town! Everyone got a good night’s rest, and we started our day with an 8:45 boat tour aboard the Naticat from Hout Bay, where we embarked on a brief journey to see a seal colony. We all had a great time looking at the seals and taking pictures.


The seal island!


The boats at Hout Bay

After getting off the boat, the team had our first chance to buy souvenirs, and we all brought back an eclectic collection of items, from paintings to jewelry to masks.


An awesome piece of artwork we saw

After leaving Hout Bay, we enjoyed a gorgeous view as the bus drove through Chapman’s Peak and Boulder’s Beach. The team saw hundreds of penguins at a local penguin colony, and it was wonderful to see the penguins in their natural habitat.


An adorable mother and baby penguin

Then we shopped a little more at the local market before we headed to lunch at the Seaforth Restaurant, where we enjoyed amazing fish or chicken and discovered a great dessert called malva pudding.

After lunch, we got to enjoy the beach and had fun dipping our toes into the water. Later, we headed to Cape Point, the most Southwestern point of the African continent, where we took the iconic photo in front of the sign that every South Africa GPS trip has taken.


Cady, Becky, and Jenna at the beach


The team at the Cape of Good Hope sign!



The team seniors Ethan, Ellie, Erin, Janelle, Ali, and Sydney at Cape Point

The team also climbed to the lighthouse at the top of Cape Point, where we saw the magnificent view from higher up. Before we started the hike, we were warned that there were wild baboons (or bamboos, as Mama Dee called them) on the trail and told not to bring any food or water, as anything edible or drinkable could be attractive to the baboons. Needless to say, we saw a lot of tourists ignoring the signs not to bring any food or water up the hike, including a man sacrificing his Fanta bottle. Luckily, we made it back with lots of snacks on the bus and had dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant next to our hotel.


The view from Cape Point! It was a little foggy today though.


A close-up of one of the baboons on the trail!

The students also had the chance to get together with their facilitation groups, as we are facilitating workshops at the Christel House school related to Compassionate Listening, Communication, Strengths, and Team-building. We will be starting our first day at Christel House tomorrow and are incredibly excited to get to know the student leaders! One thing we were reminder of today is that rather than teaching or educating the students at Christel House, we are bringing some of our leadership activities to them and learning from each other, and in doing so continue a partnership with Christel House that LCA has had for many years. Stay tuned for our adventures at Christel House in the next couple of days and we hope to make connections and learn as much as we can from their student leaders.

special thanks to Mrs. Strobel and Sydney for the pictures!

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