South Africa: Last Day at Christel House

Sorry about the delayed post—we had a busy day of travelling and Jenna and I have been sick for the past couple of days!

March 29 was our last day in Cape Town and at Christel House. Once we arrived at Christel House, we started with tea time with the students from Christel House, talking to them while taking pictures and exchanging contact information as it was our last day with them. Although we had only spent a couple of days with the Christel House students, everyone felt incredibly connected with them and genuinely wanted to stay connected.

Then, Ali facilitated a fun activity that all CGA students are familiar with. We all got in a circle and tried to sit down on the lap of the person behind us. It worked pretty well!


After the activity, the four houses of USA, Mexico, India, and Jamaica gathered to prepare our performances. Needless to say, they were all very entertaining–there was a lot of singing, dancing, and clapping. We ended with performances from both the Culver students and the Christel House students. We sang the Culver song and “Home” and the Christel House students sang their school song and the South African national anthem, and in the end all of us gathered in a circle to sing “Lean On Me.” It was a very fitting conclusion to our week at Christel House.



Before we left, we also went around signing our white LCA shirts that each Culver and Christel House student was given.

20190329_114928After lunch, we said our final goodbyes before departing. It is astounding how we were able to make such amazing connections with this wonderful group of students in such a short amount of time. It was an incredibly valuable experience to interact with their humility, vitality, and passion for learning.


After leaving Christel House, we stopped briefly at a beautiful beach where a lot of us enjoyed ice cream and dipped our toes in the water.


Rose, Sophie, Ellie, Erin, and Paloma at the Beach

After that, we picked up Abby and Mama Dee and headed to the airport to fly to Johannesburg!

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