Last Game in Argentina

Today is our last 60 minutes together on the pitch in Argentina. We loved playing here and it was truly a mesmerizing experience, to say the least. The boys woke up knowing that today would be truly the hardest game of the tour.

We had a late starting game. We knew we had to play for the CMA crest on our chest. It was a nice cool day, perfect for rugby. We started with a little walk around the town Mar del Plata. It is a beautiful beach town on the coast Pacific Ocean.


Next was on to the last 60 minutes of rugby in Argentina. The boys were excited and ready to play a fast paced, hard hitting game of rugby. We knew the challenges that stood before us. It was three 20 minute periods. As Junior leader and 8-man Tyler Heer puts it, “60 minutes is like 60 miles. The final 15 miles was one to remember.” It was truly an experience I don’t think anyone will forget. The final score was 32-5 the lone try scored by Tyler Heer (’18).

The score did not reflect the game the boys put forth. We fought hard throughout and stuck with each other like the band of brothers we are. We had ups and downs but we are proud we played for the logo on our chest…Culver Military Academy.





Game in Uruguay

Today is our second game!! This time it is in Uruguay. We are the first American High School team to play in Colonia de Sacramento. It was a very long day starting with an early wakeup and a hour ferry ride to Uruguay. There we got off and visited the field which was on a military base, surreal. From there we went on a walking tour of the city. The city was once ruled half by the Porteguese and the other half Spanish. We went through the streets of the ancient city dating back to the 1600s.


From there it was gametime. We were playing a mixed team of La Olla and another team from Sacramento Rugby from Florida, Uruguay, which is about 2 hours east of Colonia. We came out with a big win 44-10 with tries from Alex and Evan Spiros (’18), two from Tyler Heer (’18), two from Conner Henderson (’18), while Ben Fleschler (’17) and Brennan Coulson (’18) both added one.

The two MVPs for the game are Brennan Coulson for the backs. At the 10 spot for his 1 try, loose play kicking game that was very technical in gaining territory and putting them under pressure, as well as leading the back line both on attack and defense. This is amazing since just a week ago him and several other players on tour were winning a state championship in hockey last week.

The other standout player was Collin Knowlton (’18), EIRA and 2016 HSAA Camp attendee who was playing tight head prop, instead of hooker (his usual position), his throws were on point and was a major contributor to our game plan. He also was the primary distributor to our forward attacking line which was responsible for 4 of our scores. The team played very well together as everything seemed to come together at the right time.


The home club of La Olla does not have many resources so Culver donated some balls and supplies. The after game social was authentic barbecue with many gifts being exchanged between coaches and club leaders. This is yet again another example of rugby being a bridge to lifelong friendships between players and clubs. As they said that their doors are always open to Culver Military Academy Rugby.
We are now headed south to Mar del Plata for the final leg of our tour. We play IPR Sporting on Thursday which more then likely be our toughest game. More updates to come!!!

-Collin Knowlton

Argentina Day 4

Today we had a late wake up to prepare for the long days ahead of us. We woke up and a group of us went to the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. It was an Opera House built in the late 1800s. It left me speechless…the architeture is very Italitan and beautiful. (Pictures below)

Image-2Image-3The second part of the day was to the main military school of Argentina. It is the equivalent of a Westpoint in the States. We were greeted with a full military band performance.It was a great experience to see the differences and similarities of the schools in America. It was beautiful and so nice there. Over 600 acres and every single acre was beautiful. There was a weapons museum and a full stable of horses. It was truly an amazing journey we took to see the background of another country’s military. Image-1.jpgTomorrow we play in Uruguay. We are the first high school team to ever play there. I will comment tomorrow on our historic day. Until then!!!

-Collin Knowlton

Argentina Day 3

Today is GAMEDAY!!!!!! Today we play our first day versus Centro Naval. We traveled to the same place we practiced the first day. All 15 players played a full game. We fought our hearts out and played for the logo on our chest, CMA. The game did not come out in our favor but we played with integrity and love for each other. The score was 43-17, with scores by Tyler Heer (’18), Kenneth Ezeadiugwu (’19), and Conner Henderson (’18). We learned about the different style of play in a foreign country. After the game we had a large after game social with all the teams that played on Sunday. It was fun to see the two different cultures combine over the love of rugby. Rugby is a worldwide language no matter where you are rugby can build the bridges of friendship.

-Collin K.

Argentina Day 2

Day 2 is underway! Today we had an eventful day. We had a magnefict tour of Buenos Aires, it was alluring. It included a walking tour of Jose de San Martin Park, Arzobispado de Buenos Aires, The Pink House, La Boca Neighborhood, and numerous other sites. The second part of the day we went to professional rugby game. Los Jugadores (the local team) vs. The Reds (a team from Australia). The game came out with the home team Jugadores winning. The passion for the game of rugby is strong in this country, which makes the country and game even better!IMG_6883.JPG(Statue of San Martin, Hero of Argentina!!!)

IMG_7400(Los Jugadores in Black!)

Argentina Day 1

After our long 11 hours on a plane we touched down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We came with 15 players ready to play some good rugby. We went had our first meal at our hotel, it was a common Argentine meal, good ol’ steak and fries. After we had our first practice on Argentine soil (Pictured below). It was a good practice, considering we had just gotten off an 11 hour flight. It was a short but fun day for our first day in Argentina! Everyone is tired but excited for what is to come for our next 11 days. :)

-Collin Knowlton