March 25 -Turtle Farm!

Today’s work has gone by so quickly. We started out with an assembly line to move several piles of bricks to appropriate locations. When enough cement were mixed, we began laying bricks to build walls. There were some visible progress, including new walls that show an approximate outline of the house. We had a chance to hear from the father of the family, who sincerely thanked us and told us that he was getting close to his dreams and plans that he made a few years ago because we had helped him. Shoveling and mixing cement can be tedious and tiring, but the work is worth it when you know that you make a difference in someone’s life. I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day at the worksite!

After a wonderful lunch as usual, some of us swam in the pool or took a walk outside during our free time. Tony’s toy whale is always popular in the pool. At 5 o’clock, the team visited a turtle farm! With a beautiful scenery before us, we learned about the history of the farm and some of its difficulties. There were gofina turtles that hatched two hours before we got there. The turtles were smaller than our palm and were struggling to oxygenate and get out of the holes. Having named our turtles, we released them to the ocean. We weren’t allowed to help but cheer them to venture on their own. As the turtles struggled against the waves, I felt like a parent cheering on my baby. Waves often hindered the turtles’ endeavor to move forward, and we had to freeze our feet so that we didn’t step on any turtles that were pushed back by the waves. At the end, we helped some 200 turtles safely start their lives in the ocean. Even though only 50 of them might survive after all, we were glad and thankful to be part of such an astonishing project to save turtles from being extinct. Back in our restaurant to have an amazing dinner, we reflected on the role of sand as a protector and journaled. Our days are long, but time is flying!