Day 3

Today was the live without boarders day, where we visited the school and gave each child a backpack. We were able to spend time with the families and play with the children, from dancing, playing with hooks hoops, to making a conga line. The kids even preformed a rehearsed dance for us. The GPS students very quickly bonded with the children, and were able to get to know many of them more personally.

In the afternoon, we were able to release newly hatched turtles into the ocean and a turtle sanctuary. Fortunately, every single baby turtle made it across the beach and to the water without being eaten by a bird, unlike some unfortunate turtles last year.

Day 7

Sadly, today was the last full day of the Mexico GPS trip. The teams were able to visit two houses that were built the previous year during spring break. In addition, we spent the afternoon at the closing ceremony, where the teams and their families took pictures, are delicious food, played with the kids, and finally, said goodbye. It was a wonderful way to end this trip on a positive note and allowed us to enjoy time with our families outside of the construction sites. Overall, this has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Day 6

Day six was our fourth and final construction day. The house will not be completely finished for another few months, but our few days here have sped up the process and provided some extra help. This entire trip has been an amazing experience and we are all so happy to have contributed.

After working, we spent some time at a beach, swimming, relaxing, tanning and playing soccer in the sand. Although some sunburns were formed, we had a good time.

Day 5

Today was a productive construction day. Team four was able to build up multiple wall, as well as start on a new one. With shovels and a wheelbarrow, we leveled out the floor in one room and the outside of the house. In addition, we were able to create more of the metal piles used to indicate where each of the walls end. Being able to build this house had been very fulfilling and we are excited to see the final results.

Day 4

Today was simply a relaxation day. The teams took a boat ride around the ocean, took a hike and than spent several hours at the beach. Unlike the one outside our hotel, the waves were not comparable to the size of the Empire State Building, so we were able to swim. However, this was the last of our off days, and we will get back to construction Wednesday.

Day 4 (3/27/18)

Today was our much anticipated relaxing day on the boat and beach. Everyone stared the day with an early breakfast and a quick transition onto the busses to travel to Huatulco. When we arrived in Huatulco we boarded the boat and or adventure began. After a nice boat ride and soaking up the sun, we arrived back in port and headed to a beach resort for lunch and swimming hosted by a generous Culver alum. Everyone had such a great time and we are very thankful for this experience. We headed back to Puerto Escondido for dinner and journaling. We are all very excited for another work day tomorrow!

– Rachael ’18

Day 3 (3/26/18)

Today we started off the day with an amazing breakfast which was just the start to an even more amazing day. We did not work on the sites today because we participated in the Love Without Borders program at the local school. This is by far one of my favorite memories of this trip. When we arrived at the school all of the children were super excited to show us some dances and to play with us. We were very excited as well! After games and dances, we started handing out the book bags full of shoes, candy, and school supplies. This was such a humbling experience. I also reunited with my family and the little girl on my worksite from last year which was super emotional and I am still overflowing with happiness. Many people of the community made delicious food for this gathering. It was neat to try many different foods. After the school we headed back to the beach for lunch and free time. After a relaxing afternoon we headed to the sea turtle release where we released 40 baby sea turtles into the ocean! Everyone enjoyed this adventure! Now we are sitting at dinner about to journal and have some time to reflect on our adventures so far.

– Rachael ’18