The Last Day

Today was the last day for the China team. The itinerary for the day was that we were going to Tian’anmen Square, The Palace Museum, and we had a karaoke night.

The China team was told before going to Tian’anmen Square to not stare at any of the military men, not to mess around, and be very respectful. Some people were very nervous to be near the military men or even take a glance at them. It was a pretty place with the large buildings, pillars, and small bridges over water. The China team then went into the Palace Museum, and walked around. There where over three big structures that you could walk into and go out the other side. In between each structure there were huge walking areas that you could explore and take photos of the buildings.

After the Tian’anmen Square and the Palace Museum we then had karaoke night. Right when you walked into the building there were many different rooms where you could sing songs, about 10 or more rooms. We had one of the biggest rooms because of our groups. Once all of us where in the room we could pick any song we wanted from Justin Bieber to Migos. We could turn off all the lights and turn on the disco lights. This was the highlight of the last night in China.

Thank you for everybody being patient with us. Photos from the trip will be uploaded ASAP.

The Great Wall!

Today was the day that the China team was going to the Great wall! We woke up like any other day and traveled for three hours from Beijing to the Great Wall of China. When the China team was at the Great Wall of China we only had a one hour to hike the Great Wall. So on our way up to the Great Wall of China we took a bus up to the gondola and the gondola up to the Great Wall.

At the top of the Great Wall of China we split up into groups and hike for an hour. Even though we only hiked the Great Wall for an hour it still was the best one of the best hikes of our lives. After a lot of hiking a photos, it was time for lunch.

We hiked back down the Great Wall and met back up with the China team and we took a group photo before heading back down the gondola. After the gondola and the bus ride back down the mountain, some people wanted to buy gifts for others so we went to the market at the bottom of the hill to buy gifts.

Now it was time for lunch. We hiked from the store to the China team’s bus and drove for about five minutes to a restaurant in Huairou Chian. This was our day trip to the Great Wall of China.

The China Team Is Leaving, But There Are New Places To Explore

When the China team woke up after a long day in Shanghai, we were told that it would be the last day. The China team went to breakfast together, and left on our long 3 hour drive to Guangzhou China.

When we reached the halfway stop, many people had to go to the bathrooms, but they were squaddie poddies’ so some hated the idea that you have to squat. So the China team got back on the bus and headed into Guangzhou China.

In Guangzhou China we went to the market to each lunch and buy gifts. We then went to an Ancient Emperors house. The next location was West Lake were we traveled on a boat to a separate island to hike around. It was a cold rainy day and everybody was soaked and ready to have dinner and go back to the hotel. The next day the China team was ready to head to Beishan Mountain and then Hangzhou West Lake Scenery Spot.

It was the next day and the China team headed up to Beishan Mountain. The next location that we headed to was Hangzhou West Lake Scenery Spot, where there where sanctuaries, caves, and cliffs that you could look at, go under, and climb up. We then went inside the temple were there where huge statues. This was the China’s team active day.

Exploring Shanghai

We started the day off eating breakfast with the China team. We all grouped up down at the SFLS lounge to go to the Lu Xun Park in Shanghai.

We were told that there would be a lot of elders at the park, and the team leaders were totally correct. There were elders in the park dancing everywhere. There was even a workout part of the park where this 65 year old man with about 8% showed up Noah on the pull up bar. When we started to walk away from the workout part of the park we saw elder ladies with real sharp swords doing Tai Chi with the swords. We then walked over to badminton with other elders and Connor got showed up by a 60 year old lady. Once done walking around at the park and getting showed up by elders, we traveled to the World Finical District Center which is on the top 10 tallest buildings in the world.

Once inside the WFDC we had to wait to go in an elevator that took us up 94 floors in under 30 seconds. Going up that high and that fast made your ears feel pressure the entire ride up. Once the China team made it to the 94th floor we all took photos right away as you could see every angle of Shanghai. Some almost had heart attacks and other were junkies to get closest to the windows as possible. It was a once in a life time look because of how high up we were. When people in the China team were all done we headed down to the bus and traveled to the Bund.

We travelled to the Bund to take a boat tour around Huangpu River. On the boat tour you could see all the sky scrapers in the background from Shanghai Tower (The second highest building in the world) to the World Finical District Center. This was another cite to admire for its beauty. The last travel of the day way going to the Shanghai Circus.

At the Shanghai Circus there where over 7 girls on one bike flipping around and balancing on the bikes. The other trick the circus had was a man and a women on a boat. The man was balancing a on a pendulum and the women threw him six bowls and he pushed them to the end of the pendulum and lunched them up to him head and balanced all six of the bowls. There was a fascinating trick where a man was on a 5 foot pogo stick and got onto a seesaw and two other men were on a ladder to launch the man in the air and backflip onto a mat.

This was the night were the China team ended the night with a spectacular show that will be remembered.

-P.S. Sorry for the inconvenience with the with the blogs, we are trying our best to accommodate to the Wi-Fi situation we are having. All the photos will be published at the end of the trip.

Getting Creative In School

The start of the day, the China team was told that we would be going to classes today. We would have never thought that school could be this interesting and fun.

In the first class that we had, we learned all about Shanghai from the Bund all the way to Lu Xun Park. The second class that we had was very energetic with feeling the energy that you are capable of having. We were taught a Tai Chi dance. Some people found the dance easy and other struggling with balance and falling on others. We then had a game of Basketball were we had over five people slip from the morning rain. It was lunch time after our slippery game of Basketball and then we were going to get creative in art class.

There were three art classes, so we met up with our host families and we had to split the China team up in to groups. One of the groups made putty flowers, the other group made putty panda’s, and then the last group made needle point panda’s. You would never have thought that art class in a different country would be this exciting.

Later in the day we had a authentic Chinese dinner from the Shanghai Foreign Language School. After the exquisite dinner, we went to the downtown Shanghai mall.

This was the most exciting school day that we had ever thought that we would have had. The China team is very grateful for the day that was provided by SFLS.

China Team Meets Host Families!

When team China landed in Shanghai, we got to meet our host families at Shanghai Foreign Language School. From there on we parted ways from the group into our host families.

When we all where with our different host families, we spent the rest of the night with them. Some of the Culver students went all over Shanghai from watching movies to each authentic Chinese foods. After the day was over each student went back to the host family houses to get some rest after the long flight and exciting night. The next day is going to be the first full day in Shanghai.

This is the new day for the China team. When each individual student woke up they all when an experience a enthusiastic day with there host families in Shanghai. Each student that the Chian team stayed with from from the Shanghai Foreign Language School all had different experiences throughout the day. The host families took the China team all around Shanghai from the Oriental TV Tower to the Jade Buddha Temple. After the first day in Shanghai we all went back to our host families and went to bed to get some rest from the tiring day that we all had.

The experience that we had these past two days with our different host families have been one of the most interesting and fascinating experience that we all have ever had in our lives. Our host families gave us a quick taste of what living in Shanghai would be like.

If any of our host families are reading thing, we all are very happy to say thank you for the amazing experience and thank you for taking care of us and letting us stay at your home!

GPS Trip to China Takes Off

Greetings, all!

Our fearless team of students and chaperones left Culver in the wee hours of the morning to make it to the airport in time to check in and eat our last American meal (it was from McDonald’s, of course!). There is nothing like team bonding by traveling together and, as you can see from our first group picture, students are already having fun! The energy level is through the roof as we anticipate boarding our flight. Once in Shanghai, please expect more pictures and blogs.

Thanks for rooting us on!

Mr. Medard and Jacob Blemaster